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OCS Maisy

OCS Maisy is a flexible system that enables customers to optimise their maintenance, inventory and procurement processes, combined with a complete rental system. The solution is designed in close consultation with world leading industry players, and consists of the following main modules.


The logistics modules in OCS Maisy are built up around the asset register. This enables grouping of data in hieararchies with display of the data through various explorers.  Powerful functions are available for administration of stock, movements, certificates, downtime and status of the assets.

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The OCS Maisy Maintenance modules have functionalities ranging from simple preventative maintenance to more complex asset integrity assurance alongside with support modules for Continuos Improvement of Maintenance, Exchage Components and other utility services.


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The modules are generic and supports all types of procurement processes whether  clients require a simple process or more advanced proceess including requisition, RFQ or Vendor agreement. PO Shipment and Third party Rental can also be included in the process.

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The OCS Maisy Rental modules are designed to handle a wide range of job-based rental services.  Services, spare part issues and personnel can also be a part of the rental order. The process can also include quotations. 

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Why customers choose OCS Maisy:

  • The system will improve your financial control
  • Better spare parts management and inventory control
  • Reduce the maintenance costs through better track and analysis of historical maintenance
  • Up-to-date information in the whole procurement process will reduce your costs
  • Secure and accurate rental operations, as quotation, order handling and invoicing, will keep the related costs to a minimum
  • A long range of existing interfaces toward well-known financial management systems
  • Handling of certification and statutory regulations

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